Friday, April 18, 2008

Friday's Chic Style Sheet: April 18, 2008


I have been drawn to these water walls for several months now, and actually implemented tham at a wedding this past November. At the tome, of course, it seemed apropos as this couple signature style was to include organic, outdoor elements.

Lately, it seems like such a "regular" thought" for me to incorporate in any design. The sound and mere look of water is so serene and soothing that it's main function serves as a "mood enhancer." One would think, correct?

Who knew?? This look can be insanely chic as well!!

For my outside ceremony, Awny with Unique Option brought along (amongst his vast inventory) the water walls that I had been admiring in his showroom (which I jokingly call a wedding planner's playpen!) for some time before that waiting for that perfect design opportunity.

Outside, the look made perfect sense while "framing" the couple in what was sprawling and, thus, design-challenging outdoor environment. Inside, with specialty lighting, they were re-purposed and completely transformed the room. Yup; an ordinary ballroom.

Additional images that I located with Water Wall Specialists reveal outstanding ways to make the water wall look your own for the very fete you are designing!

So...come on in! the water's fine...

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