Thursday, April 10, 2008

Go Green-or- Go Home

Going "green" is such a welcomed trend, and one I feel I have been incorporating into weddings more and more in the past year.

Is this a trend or is it now a way of life?

"Going Green" has become somewhat of a social responsibility, but what about the rest of us *divas* who want to do the right thing, but still have a desire to maintain our sense of style and personality?

Yesterday morning was spent with the cameras and talent of The Daily Buzz who were gracious enough to ask for me to put together a "Green Weddings" segment. Always flattered, I did have one stipulation for mega-watt talent anchor-at-large, Kia Malone.

Please,oh, please let's not alienate those of us who can embrace the many opportunities for going green without having to do it "all or nothing!"

On board, she was eager to see what we had in store for her, and I cherished some of the positive reactions she had to what is now available-

What are you willing to sacrifice and what can you just not live without? Truth be told, I need to have my real diamonds and a smashing ensemble. On the other hand, I would be more than willing to consider an organic menu, no favors, (less waste) alternative floral decor and much more. Especially after what I saw what can be done...

Tommy Murphy and his stellar design crew at Greenery Productions played host to this remote (taped yesterday, and to air on April 21st) and helped us purvey the many stylish alternatives to design with class and conscience.

Enhancements like invitations made from completely recycled paper, real leaves and stones for escort cards were creatively fabricated by Amy Morelli with 2u Collection. Additional research of her own revealed that many of her paper sources were Operation Green themselves; how gratifying!

Our specific time on the 21st has yet to be determined, but you can email me for updates-

Until then, this is what a team effort looks like after an extensive (and environmentally friendly!) television shoot.

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