Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Bling It On!

I have sped up this particular post (ahead of some other very long overdue ones!) largely in part because my favorite soul-sister, rock-star, diva photographer Amber Stanley with Amberlights Photography is ill and in the hospital. The phenomenal news is that I have just heard from her, and it seems as if she will be okay!

Many of you have been so gracious as to comment favorably on my website. My website has gotten huge props (As has Amber's) and that is due to the force behind it all, Chrissy Giddens-Trujillo with Bring the Bling. Come on! Can a wedding planner seriously go wrong with a web-guru who has the word "bling" in her company?!?

Well, Chrissy got married to LONG time (Seriously--a long time! Look at the picture from "Band Camp!) sweetheart Thane, and Amber and I had the distinct pleasure of coordinating and photographing their wedding.

What a blast with so many new memories! (And dance moves!) A beach wedding during a down pour can be a challenge, but Chrissy and Thane took everything in stride, had a great time and looked gorgeous the whole time. Look at Chrissy's crystal blue eyes!

Amber and I learned a thing or two also about our "fall-back" careers...

Having only each other for this "destination wedding," I learned I can hold a reflector while balancing in the water with a Shootsac slung around my shoulder for her "money shot," and she held her own wrangling the bridal party and moving chairs!

Forthcoming: Some more steamy, stylish and sexy "trash the dress" shoot from the day after. Hint, hint: Thane is a firefighter....!!!!

The bottom line for this post: "Bring the Bling" has found "Happily Ever After!"


Brittany said...

Chrissy's pics are so beautiful! Love it.

christilina said...

Aww thanks so much for all of the props!! Can't wait to help out even more with the destination side of things : )

amber said...

Thank you so much for the concern. Great news is I'm rolling again. Tomorrow I have my first day of sessions in TWO WEEKS! I can't wait. Love the blog header by the way. :)