Wednesday, May 7, 2008


I believe I have exercised the most restraint required of me for a while now.

When colleague and good friend Jeffrey Stoner let me in on his plans to launch a new website and, even worse, show me a new demo that I couldn't share...well that was just frustrating!

Happily and with pride, I offer you a peek into just a snippet of what can be found on his new website. The new enhancement, albeit overhaul, is completely reflective of Jeffrey's personality and sensibilities. (Be sure to look at his bio where he lists interesting things about himself.)

The new head shots as well are right on! We consider Mark Pennington Jeffrey's long lost twin, and there was no better photographer suited for the job of capturing the "real Jeffrey"

Thanks to Jeffrey's tutorial on how to post video to my blog, I present you an intense, creative highlight clip that can be seen on his website from a wedding we were lucky enough to work together on this past November.

Congratulations, my friend!! Though I realize you are never "satisfied" and always agonizing on how to do/offer more, better, faster...

I think this is pretty darn perfect.

Organic Opulence; As interpreted by Jeffrey...

Ladies and Gentlemen: Please meet my friend Jeffrey...

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