Thursday, July 9, 2009

UNBRIDLED: My favorite wedding friends like...Kristy Chenell!

As promised, my new blog-series "Unbridled" officially launches with my first guest/friend, Kristy Chenell.
I have thoroughly enjoyed all of these wedding industry Q&A's and in-depth interviews.
Let's get to the nitty-gritty questions "E Events" style, shall we...?

I know Kristy Chenell as an energetic leader, salesperson, entrepreneur and friend. Most of us know what a consummate professional she is. For those of you who don't, {and who are you??} Kristy is a Wedding Business Consultant and owner of Couture Consulting by Chenell, and one of the leading experts in the wedding industry. She speaks and hosts intimate wedding business workshops around the country, focusing on the importance of brand recognition and protection in relation to all aspects of business: marketing, sales, customer experience, and financial acumen.
Kristy’s experience ranges from Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings to The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company where she was one of six people in the country to sit on The Ritz-Carlton Corporate Wedding Advisory Board. She was intricately involved with both corporations wedding websites and understands the significance of highly regarded branded weddings.

Now I want us all to know the REAL Kristy...
Here 'ya go:

Itching to work with: You again :)

Fashion Obsessions: Ruffles, Bows, and Pearls. Bet you couldn’t guess that one.

Beauty must-haves: Sunscreen and Lip Gloss

Office/Work must haves: my Dalmatian, Ellie, at my feet, a lit candle, and an old piece of crumply paper that reads:

“I only surround myself with people who can do the impossible.”
by Elizabeth Arden (has travelled to many offices with me!)

Speed dialing: Scott, my husband. Seriously…what would I do without him?

Can’t get enough of: Twilight…well, I should say Edward. I recently asked Scott if he thinks he could get his hair to do that. Yum!

Jonesing to: go back to Europe. No computer, no cell phone, no communication except for thinking we’re ordering steak when it’s really cow brains.

Current work project:
The Wedding Summit: Orlando! A very intimate, hands-on wedding business workshop – You walk away with a clear brand and how to use it to your EVERY advantage out there! An investment not to be overlooked.

Oh, and writing a book with the Executive Chef of The Ritz-Carlton,
Denver. Website and blog to be revealed soon!

Current personal project: Learning to mountain bike – on really big mountains – Yikes.

Necessary extravagance: Fresh food. Organic dairy and meat products.

If I weren’t a consultant I would: be a professional waterskiier. Oh, yeah – that’s making the big bucks.

• In my bag: Orbitz vanilla mint, bobby pins, cherry lip gloss, and a power bar – sometimes the wallet is in there and sometimes its not. I switch purses quite a bit and have a slight tendency to forget that little detail :). That’s not good as I get carded everywhere.

Recent discovery: That life is not about how many outfits hang in your closet, how fancy your car is, or how big your diamond is. It’s about making the pictures that hang on your wall…not buying them.

Oh, and that if you fly Southwest and need to change your flight, as long as there is no difference in price they only charge you $2.50 – no matter the day or time!

Craving: lavender chocolate. It’s romantic and relaxing. OK, time for me to speed dial Scott… :)

*Fun, fearless and frivolous flashbacks*
{Please share 3 personal memories between you and I}
1. Looking at each other right before taking the stage at Down the Aisle: Orlando and knowing we were about to make it one of the best nights of our lives.
2. Screaming on the phone with you when we found out Austin Scarlett wanted to work with us.
3. The moment I saw you in Denver. It was like a piece of home had arrived and you brought tears to my eyes. I was so excited to work with you again. What an intricate role you have had in my endeavors and I am so grateful to know you.

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Amy said...

Finally got around to reading this, it's been on my list for a week or so!! Love it and it's a great idea. Of course Kristy is amazing and a great person to launch this series with.. She is a true inspiration, having only met her recently- what I've had the pleasure of working with her on- I know will be better because she is involved.. Not only fun to be around, but intelligent and makes all women look like super women! (As do you lisa!)