Saturday, July 18, 2009

UNBRIDLED: My favorite wedding friends like...Eric Larson!

This week you will be able to better acquaint yourself with the insanely talented Eric Larson. He and his lovely wife Jen Sens are amazing photographers and own their photography and portraiture business, Jensen Larson Photography,that I have had the great opportunity to work with on some very beautiful weddings. And, as no surprise, we have managed to have some crazy-fun in the process!

Jennifer Sens and Eric Larson specialize in location photography for portraiture, golf, travel and limited wedding commissions. Their imagery is recognized for its intimacy, honesty and sophistication. They are based seasonally in Florida and Colorado. By working as a team they multiply their experience and talent. Jen and Eric have the knowledge gained from a combined 30 years working behind the camera and have photographed everything from the world’s smallest dog to the great wall of China.

I love these two professionally and personally; I think you will too…

Itching to work with: In our wedding photography, I’m hoping to work with more Colorado couples as we starting service there seasonally. I’d love to work for Garden and Gun Magazine and I’m itching to photograph golfer Rocco Mediate.
Fashion Obsessions: Hugo Boss shirts always fit my long arms and are tailored around the middle. Just because you have a big wingspan, doesn’t mean you should have to wear a tent.
Beauty must-haves: My cousin Jill at Nube Nove salon in Thornton park cuts my hair. I know it’s time to go in when Jen tells me I’m starting to look like a “professional video game player.”
Office/Work must haves: Pandora Internet radio keeps us sane. We also love our Nespresso machine. Our lovebird Mango keeps us company and we try to keep her off the keyboard, which she loves to rip keys off of.
Speed dialing: My beautiful bride and business partner Jen Sens.
Can’t get enough of: Jason Lytle’s new album Yours Truly, the Commuter. • Jonesing to: Get started on our backpacking adventure in the Beartooth Mountains of Montana next week. Hopefully the snow will melt a bit so that the 30-mile trail we want to do is open.
Current work project: We just did a marketing shoot for Dollywood in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee and we hope to do more for that new client. I am also working on getting our stock photography archive key-worded and online.
Current personal project: Working on my ribs. I love grilling on our patio when we are in Florida and I’m looking forward to using the Pits and Spits smoker we have access to in Colorado.
Necessary extravagance: The Ravenous Pig in Winter Park. I love taking family and friends there. We also can’t get enough of the super-fresh Heart of Christmas Farm eggs sold at the Audubon Park Community Market. They are sort of expensive (for eggs) but so fresh the yolks are orange.
If I weren’t a photographer I would:do something else creative with a tangible result- it might involve making furniture or food.
In my bag: At the moment my bag holds a Canon film camera loaded with black and white, a Canon digital camera, three prime lenses, my inhaler, my Whitelines notebook, my phone and my Aviators.
Recent discovery: El Coqui Mexicano off Bumby. It’s a tiny BYOB place serving some serious Mofongo.
Craving: Fat Tire beer. I indulge my serious “beertooth” in the summer when we are able to sample Colorado’s finest.

*Fun, fearless and frivolous flashbacks*
{Share 3 personal memories between you and I}

1. That meeting we had with that horrible couple that you eventually had to”fire” stands out in my mind. They seemed to be A) not in love and B) really annoying. The groom wanted to talk about the cameras he owned and the bride wanted us to quote her on a gigantic wall print of herself. When her fiancĂ© suggested it be of the two of them, she said, only half joking, “Why would I want to look at you every day?”
2. That time Jen confused you and the Ritz-Carlton’s Jennifer Sharpe during a wedding. Not only do you ladies look sort of similar but you were dressed almost exactly the same that day!
3. When you talked the Winter Park Police out of shutting that wedding down early. I would love to know what you said to them.

Thanks, Eric! I think I'm going to buy you one of those Fat Tires beers soon, and tell you exactly what I said to those Winter Park Police!!

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Garrett Nudd Photography Blog said...

This is great! Eric and Jen are crazy skilled and they are super nice too. What a great team! This is a fabulous idea, Lisa. Thanks for sharing.