Thursday, July 23, 2009

UNBRIDLED: My favorite wedding friends like...Amy Morelli!

This week I probed into the creative mind of colleague and friend, Amy Morelli.
Owner and Visionary for The 2u Collection, Amy Morelli conceptualizes and designs one-of-a-kind, exclusive custom invitation collections as well as specializing in Wedding & Boutique Advertising Design.
Amy and I have collaborated on many ideas, and my fresh logo and marketing collateral is all in great thanks to her. I ALWAYS feel sassy handing out my business cards, rack cards and marketing collateral confident in her designs and execution. Best yet, she’ll always give it you straight, people! I find Amy to be very ‘black and white” with no grey area; a very reliable characteristic when you need to trust someone with your vision.
Oh, and she’s pretty fun too…

Itching to work with: Lee Forrest of Lee Forrest Design. He is fabulous and a friend, but we have yet to share an event! Would love to figure out how to incorporate live floral in my reception paper designs somehow.
Fashion Obsessions: Newest Pair of Open-Toed Black Shoe Boots, were just purchased with the help of Miss Abby Liga—Need I say more, they are Fierce and I find myself planning my outfits just so I can just wear these shoes!
Beauty must-haves: Currently it’s a headband. I’m growing the bangs out. Not fun!! But I’m making the most of it, and going with the gypsy look this summer. Crocheted headbands, over sized sunglasses!!
Office/Work must haves: Colored Felt Tip Fine Point Pens…Love them, Makes boring admin tasks vibrant and bright!
Speed dialing: 2 people. My husband of course, who has been supportive through the building of my dream, and gives me great objective business advice. And Abby Liga, I bounce creative ideas off of her, and she’ll always tell me the truth about my work!
Can’t get enough of: Bubble Yum Gum! (any sour flavor) Sounds silly but there is nothing like snapping bubbles to the beat of my favorite tunes to get my creative juices flowing.
Jonesing to: see Graceland! I think it would be fun to spend a long weekend in Memphis
Current work project: a Secret Project with Susan Southerland and Kristy Chenell! Mum is the word! Love those ladies
Current personal project: I need to get my butt back in shape, and I’ve been starting to swim laps… Also, I need to get my personal videos organized and edited!
Necessary extravagance: my IPHONE…need I say more!
If I weren’t a graphic designer, I would: Lead camping expeditions. My husband says it’s the hippie deep inside of me. I would miss all my girly things, but deep inside there is a bit of a country outdoorsy girl!
In my bag: Lip Balm (Mint Bou Balm from Caribou Coffee- it’s a Michigan thing) Travel Baby Wipes (What?! Really I’m don’t have a baby) a compact and box of matches (again—why? Not too sure.) And of course those who know me will laugh—pieces of paper swatches I’ve collected here and there…I do have a problem
Recent discovery: Metallic Linen Paper! It’s Metallic, It’s Linen, and it’s Amazing.
Craving: my famous bloody-tini with blue cheese stuffed olives.. Yum.

*Fun, fearless and frivolous flashbacks*

1. First bit of face time. Lunch at Infusion Tea House.. Realized we shared so many of the same philosophies, attitudes about business and love of fashion. I knew we’d hit it off and be not only have a business relationship but a friendship also.

2. First Bride we shared! Miss Robyn; where I was lucky enough to be a guest and a vendor. It was a great experience bouncing ideas off of you, developing the stationery concepts together, and of course seeing you in action day of!

3. Martinis with you and Miss Abby Liga on Park Avenue just after your speaking engagement in BFE…! I discovered Pink! Was your angry music, as it is also mine!


Yvette said...

Thanks for the wonderful profile on my favorite graphic designer. Graceland, camping? who knew? But I'm know she will rock those open toed boots! Can't wait until the details of her 'secret project' are divulged!

Brittany said...

This is such a great post! And Amy, I love that you would lead camping expeditions!

Garrett Nudd Photography Blog said...

Fantastic! It's great to get to know Amy a bit more. Her work is fabulous! Congrats, Amy.

anna said...

Bloodytinis!!! Now I want one. I love you Amy! You are my fav too!! This was so cute!

amandamcmahon said...

oh my gosh, i have been looking for metallic linen paper have to tell me where you got it!? pretty please?!