Thursday, August 6, 2009

UNBRIDLED: My favorite wedding friends like...Joy Nudd!

This week, we get to know the woman, okay, the DYNAMO that makes Garrett Nudd Photography tick. I met Joy Nudd mere days after I had even made an acquaintance with Garrett in my office a few years ago with their beautiful daughter {baby at the time!} Graycen.

Since that meeting, I have {subconsciously, I suppose} never thought of Garrett Nudd Photography as a single entity. Sure, Joy is a second shooter, administrator and all-around marketing guru, but I suspect it’s more than that..

Joy and Garrett’s incredible bond is unyielding while being subtle as well. Everyone in “the business” knows that with one comes the other, and when one is not available {say, giving birth to two of the most breathtaking girls ever} the other is never far behind in spirit.

I had the most fun surprising Joy and Garrett at their stylish boutique studio in Chattanooga last year, but that distance never seems to encumber our collaborative opportunities. We seem to be working together now more than ever, and I am most excited about our forthcoming wedding in Grand Cayman in which Joy will make her return, after Baby Campbell’s joyous arrival, as Garrett’s right-hand {always!} woman.

Now, it’s everyone’s turn to be filled with “JOY...”

Itching to work with: Stacey London (great style and love her honesty...and I need a makeover!) She reminds me of perhaps?!
Fashion Obsessions: sunglasses (is it wrong that I have Chanel, but also want Prada and D&G, etc)
Beauty must-haves: concealer (I am a night owl!)
Office/Work must haves: really nice paper: notecards, thank you cards,
Speed dialing: Garrett Nudd!
Can’t get enough of: Besides my adorable hubby and girls...The Reisenthel Products,especially their "magazinboard" ( I use it for client folders, one for wedding, one for portrait) and their "carrybag" which is a basket for all things! I love ALL their stuff :)
Jonesing to: Watercolor/Seaside, FL in September! Planning a long overdue family vacation with no work. Also, would love to go back to Paris, France SOON and stay for at least a month.
Current work project: Hatch's House of Hope and Austin Hatcher Foundation We have partnered with this amazing organization based in Chattanooga, TN (going national) to take photos of children and their families dealing with pediatric cancer.
Current personal project: organizing our home, it has been neglected for 2 years, focusing on the studio all the time. And a fun, personal blog, stay tuned!
Necessary extravagance: boutique clothes for the girls, quality packaging for gifts (both an obsession)
If I weren’t a photographer I would: design children's clothing or own a paper store
In my bag: besides the usual diaper bag contents...iPhone, gift cards for all over (must check if they're still good!, paper samples, inspire notebook...
Recent discovery: Edy's Slow Churned 6 fl. oz ice cream cup. Half my family is allergic to milk, so the ice cream can't get eaten fast enough when I have to buy them in quart/gallon size. Now, it is never wasted and fun to eat out of :)
Craving: malted chocolate milkshake! And again...go back to Europe for more inspiration.

*Fun, fearless and frivolous flashbacks*

1. "You being one of the first people last summer to find out that Garrett and I were expecting our second child....when we were in Colorado for your fabulous Down the Aisle show at the brand new Ritz Carlton Denver, somehow you knew I was pregnant without either of us saying a word. A mother's intuition, I suppose."

2. "The first time Garrett came to your office to meet you and visit together, Graycen and I accompanied him. We rarely ever do that, but somehow we had a feeling that it would be okay. And it was."

3. "Seeing one of your/our brides present you with a pair of Tiffany earrings as a gift, just before her wedding ceremony began. As a colleague, that was a very special moment to witness."


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