Thursday, July 30, 2009

UNBRIDLED: My favorite wedding friends like...Dale Dees!

Dale Dees is not only my longest-running "wedding friendship," he's likely my longest friendship since moving to Orlando 9 years ago. I was roughly 17 months pregnant {okay, not really--but it felt like it!} and in desperate need of a hair stylist. I was also about to take some professional family photos, and needed to look, well, not so pregnant!

Dale’s work appears frequently in print and on television, where his hair and makeup designs have graced the covers of Itinerant Lifestyle, Industry, CREATE, PIZAZZ, BEAUTY WORLD, Winter Park Lifestyle and Orlando Leisure magazine. His styles have appeared nationally on “Whose Wedding is it Anyway?” and “The Daily Buzz” and "The Today Show" where he demonstrated a complete live on-camera makeover. He has also placed an impressive 1st place in the World Hair Olympics and now serves as Team USA's lead trainer.

Fresh out of cosmetology school, we've been the best of friends and professional partners ever since. We promised each other long ago: "wherever I go WE go..." I'm so pleased and proud to say that we've both upheld our respective end of the bargain. Oh, and I secretly love that he calls me his "boo..."

Itching to work with: Beyonce
Fashion Obsessions: Jeans.....I have one entire closet dedicated to my jean collection lol
Beauty must-haves: a ceramic flat iron my pics.. chi and FHI heat in this Florida weather EVERYONE could benefit. fine -course...curly-straight
Office/Work must haves: lol the first thing that came to mind was Hand Sanitizer. Then of course rice paper(powdered or non) for blotting excess midday oils lol sounds crazy but you will look refreshed all day and its quicker then reapplying make-up.
Speed dialing: Best friend Heidi, Houlihans, and of course my boo
Can’t get enough of: Music and Spirituality
Jonesing to: arriving in Paris Oct. 16 it's all I think about!
Current work project: Designing the next hair designs for the US world championship team
Current personal project:deleting hundreds of read and unread emails. LOL! I know, it’s pretty bad…
Necessary extravagance: laser hair removal! no pain no gain
If I weren’t a hair stylist I would: be a professional singer
In my bag: well...I never go anywhere without my lip balm and shears
Recent discovery: Digital Titanium plated flatirons WOW sooooo amazing
Craving: getting my hands on an A list celeb for ANY award show. oh, and chicken nachos from Houlihans lol

*Fun, fearless and frivolous flashbacks*

I'll never forget...

1) You sitting in my chair with your short pixie hair cut saying you needed to do something to make extra spending money ie "shopping"
money. Then coming back with a job at Disney as a guide at Pirates

2) Not long after being employed by Disney Lisa saying she wanted to become an event planner. The next thing I knew she was being featured in her first national magazine, and her first national television debut

3) You came to the old salon in Altamonte and the girls were asleep so you left them in the car supervised and well attended to. Well some lady said something smart about it and I thought you were gonna’ eat her alive!! And I certainly would have helped you!! Lol. Love u.

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Garrett Nudd Photography Blog said...

Dale, Dale, Dale. WOW! We absolutely LOVE working with Dale. He's so talented and a true professional in every sense of the word. So funny to read the three short stories at the end.