Wednesday, August 12, 2009

UNBRIDLED: My favorite wedding friends like...Ian Prosser!

In the past year, I have learned that there is never a dull moment when floral ingenue, Ian Prosser is around!
Ian is not only well known in the industry; he is also highly recognized and acclaimed by his industry peers not only in his current hometown of Tampa, Florida, but across the country and abroad.
Knowing this was a talent that I needed to personally experience; I recruited {okay—perhaps I begged!} Ian for last year’s production of “Down the Aisle” at the brand new Ritz Carlton property in downtown Denver.
Of course, I was not let down and our guests were overwhelmed with his creations! I’m thrilled that we have shared clients and projects on the horizon—the best is yet to come!
Ian’s accolades are endless, and I encourage you to literally scour Botanica’s website to learn and be inspired.
For now, revel in learning all the fun and behind the scene tid-bits on one of this industry’s finest professionals…

Itching to work with: Coco Chanel if she were still alive today because she had such a
tremendous sense of style.
Fashion Obsessions: European Shoes - Europe is much more ahead of the fashion curve!
Beauty Must-Haves: Hair wax - flat hair is NOT pretty
Office/Work Must-Haves: I'm a paper snob, the weight of paper used says a lot about a person - so the heavy the paper the better!
Speed Dialing: My wife, Fiona.
Can't get enough of: Interior Design Magazines - they are a constant source of inspiration.
Jonesing to: take a trip to Thailand to see the orchid farms
Current work project: Developing our new Orlando office
Current personal project: Restyling my home garden for the fall
Necessary Extravagance: First Class travel!! Not only am I a paper snob, but I'm also a travel snob
If I weren't a florist I would: be a clothing designer
In my bag: a measuring tape, florist wire, florist tape and of course, my blackberry.
Recent discovery: The new Acropolis Greek Restaurant near my house, SUCH great food!
Craving: Chocolate

*** Fun, fearless and frivolous flashbacks…***

1. Denver in a Kilt with Austin Scarlett
2. Receiving the "Austin" t-shirt at the Halloween t-shirt party... very funny... :)
3. When we had dinner on the sidewalk at Spice with a client and a car filled with drunken girls asked me to bum a cigarette from someone for them three tables down.

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Erin said...

All I can say is "boots with the fur"!