Thursday, August 20, 2009

UNBRIDLED: Getting to know my favorite wedding friends like...Maria Shafer!

Celebration expert, Maria Shafer has had over 15 years working {and let's face it--playing!} in the field of wedding entertainment. Maria clearly love what she does and even explains it in a way only she can:

"I think that is part of what drew me to specialize in weddings – those unique characteristics. Every weekend I see something new… it's like watching a fantastic summer blockbuster movie…and I can't wait to see how it all turns out! Every week a different surprise. Every reception a unique experience. And I am a part of it all. Is there any wonder I love what I do?"

If you are looking for a more probing and in-depth glimpse into this clever and witty soul, then I invite you to read further...

Grab your coffee, {after all, I know she would!} and enjoy getting to know Maria Shafer, "Disc Jockey…and total nerd..."

Itching to work with: Jeffrey Stoner…it’s been a while.

Fashion Obsessions: Converse, good jeans, super cool t-shirts .

Beauty must-haves: Philosophy products…Ginger Midgett got me hooked!

Office/Work must haves: Batteries. I could say something super clever here, but it seems like that is the one product I am always missing…batteries. And Skittles. I seem to be out of Skittles as well. Yep…always seem to be out of batteries and Skittles…and gold bricks. Serious lack of gold bricks…but, then, I’ve digressed. Batteries.

Speed dialing: I used to have a numerical speed dial, but with the Blackberry I use the alpha index. Most dialed is Mike, my boyfriend, and my BFF Ginger Midgett (Ginger Midgett Photography). Okay…I admit…if there IS a speed dial on the Blackberry, I cannot figure it out. I can figure out Facebook…but not the friggin’ speed dial.

Can’t get enough of: Mike’s awesome Bloody Marys. That sort of makes me sound like an alcoholic…but I don’t drink that many…and only on Sunday mornings…if there isn’t a gig. I swear.

Jonesing to: Turn on the Ipod and write…but I have work to do…(see next item)

Current work project: At I write this, helping a friend work out music for his super fun 40th birthday party. It’s fun, mostly because I get to totally laugh at all his baby pics…and he isn’t here to defend himself. (Is that mean?)

Current personal project: Two novels and a couple of short stories in progress.

Necessary extravagance: Yoga. But its only an extravagance to some people…I’ve been practicing for a couple of years now regularly, and it’s become an addiction of sorts. Definitely necessary.

If I weren’t a DJ, I would: be a novelist. Simple as that.

In my bag: The winning Powerball ticket…please and thank you. I’d have probably won by now if everyone else would stop buying tickets.

Recent discovery: Naked Juice drinks…awesome!

Craving: Starbucks Triple Venti Skinny Vanilla Latte. Wait…maybe that is also the necessary extravagance…and the work necessity, and the thing I am jonesing...and…drat…(getting keys, going to 24 hour Starbucks drive thru)

*Fun, fearless and frivolous flashbacks*

Three memories – Everyone knows Lisa…I’ve decided to go with three NON WEDDING memories…just for kicks.

*When I was 15, I won second place in a music contest – I played the harp. However, I was the ONLY one in the contest. (I’ll give you a minute to do the math).

*I once went to lunch with Rip Taylor after seeing him in a revival of Cole Porter’s “Anything Goes.” It was one of the most bizarre afternoons of my life.

*I have one pointed ear…yes…and actually had an entire family once ask if I was magical. (It’s not a huge point…but it is apparently enough of an oddity to evoke a comparisons to a fairy or some mythological creature. Except that I am six feet tall. And don’t have any sort of wings…at least not that I am aware of. If I do, maybe someone could clue me in…I have a hard enough time buying clothes.)

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