Thursday, September 3, 2009

UNBRIDLED: My favorite wedding friends like...Abby Liga!

I often refer to Abby Liga as my "oldest" daughter. Though confident, competent and creative in her own right, I've always felt this need to keep her close by, and under my wing of sorts. I'll even admit that I secretly love when she comes around with a call, text or instant message wanting to talk shop. I adore and admire her energy and passion, and have enjoyed the journey of her success over the last several years.

Abby Liga Photography is fresh, modern and innovative. An eseteemed graduate from The Savannah College of Art and Design, Abby continues to raise the bar in the inudstry and mostly for herself. I've never known an instance where she's not trying to do something completely different than she's done before.

As you get to know Abby, I know you will grow to love her as I do! I write this blog entry, sipping coffee and almost confident that I am about to receive my morning "instant message" from the gal I call, "Abba-licious!"

Oh, and I've seen what's really in her bag--w-o-w...!!

•Itching to work with: I am itching to work with the team at the new Waldorf Astoria here in Orlando. I have yet to visit the property, but I hear that it is nothing short of fabulous!

•Fashion Obsessions: I am totally obsessed with knee-length boots and scarves for Fall! I'm seriously thinking of moving up North just for the fashion opportunities.
I think I've got boots in every shade and I am currently building up my scarf collection as we speak. My favorite scarf is a hand-made scarf by the artist GoGo Ferguson. When I was in college, I assisted on a
Travel + Leisure photo shoot for a few days and one of the places we visited was Cumberland Island, GA. (Where JFK Jr. married Caroline Bissett). There I found my delicious find in her little shop on the island. I've worn that scarf so many times and it hasn't gone out of style yet!

•Beauty must-haves: I absolutely cannot leave my house without the following: light foundation, bronzer, eyebrow pencil, lip conditioner, and mascara... basically I can't leave the house without makeup at all. :) Also, anything Aveda or Aveeno. And when I want to pamper myself, I'll go to my friend Natalie Malony's with Knockout Artistry to make me look Fiiiiine!

•Office/Work must haves: Good snacks are a must. Great tunes on, and a pen and notepad to make my lists. I've been working very hard on my organizational skills. I cannot tell you how good it feels to physically "Cross" something off of it!

•Speed dialing: The only thing I have on Speed-Dial is my voicemail....oh and Seito Sushi, and The Thai House....

•Can’t get enough of: My new camera! I LOVE IT!!! It does wonders and I can't tell you the amazing job it does in low-light. It gives me freedom to be fully creative with my weddings and other portrait sessions. Also, Gossip's filled the void from when Sex and the City went off air. It's not the same, but it does the trick.

•Jonesing to: Attend Fashion Week in NYC! Hold my little one year old Niece Alyssa and to see her walk! To buy an iphone.

•Current work project: RIght now I am working closely with Amy Morelli with The 2U Collection, on developing a brand for the new portrait side of the biz and the unveiling is almost here! The focus: a unique, eclectic concept in portraiture focusing on babies, children, families, and high school seniors. I'm so proud of it and cannot wait for all to see!

•Current personal project: Finding a man. LOL! Just kidding! Ok, no for real, I'm really trying to focus on keeping a healthy balance between work and my personal life. I have recently taken up Power Yoga at my local studio and I absolutely enjoy every minute of it! It really helps me clear my mind and focus on me. I feel if I work, work, work and don't allow time for me, then I get easily bogged down and lose focus.

•Necessary extravagance: Manicures and pedicures are a definite! Also, I love to eat out and try new wines.

•If I weren’t a photographer, I would: Most likely be working in NYC at a magazine of some sort. I love photography and design and I feel that I would fit in naturally in that scene.

•In my bag: Random! Measuring tape....(to measure my clients walls of their home), perfume, hand sanitizer, granola bar, tons of loose business cards, cell phone, lots and lots of lip gloss that all pretty much look the same.

•Recent discovery: I am totally obsessed with the work of California photographer, Elizabeth Messina. I discovered her work about a year ago and I love, love, love her style! I also love that she also focuses on her relationships with her clients. You can tell she truly cares for the people in her life: clients, friends, and family. She sees the beauty in the simplest of things. From a pair of hands holding a bouquet to a chair, a simple fork, etc. Her work is extremely natural and I admire her style.

•Craving: Chocolate always. All kinds, bring it on! A chilled glass of chardonnay and a good conversation with good friends and family.

*Fun, fearless and frivolous flashbacks*

Fact 1: I remember first meeting Lisa at a local networking event back in 2005. I was photographing the event and Lisa was attending. I remember saying to myself, "I must get to know who this fabulous lady is!" Sure enough, I got her card and we've been working together ever since! Networking really does pay off.

Fact 2: It's usually a guarantee that Lisa and I pretty much have the same wardrobe. I can't tell you how many times I've shown up for a meeting together, and we're both like, "I bought that too!"

Fact 3: My favorite memory is when Lisa and I decided to share an office space together. I had just come back from a photographer's convention and I had decided it was time for me to get a space.
My sister, who went with me, was like, "Why don't you ask Lisa?" Later that week, I went to Lisa's house to photograph her two gorgeous girls and just as I was about to ask Lisa how she felt about sharing a space together, when she asked ME if I was interested in sharing a space. Cosmic!! So, to this day, that was a great memory and also the day that we found the space. That was exciting too! Now it's a little home away from home.


Amy said...

Abby is amazing! As always Lisa you picked another great one!

Liga Photography said...

Thanks Lisa for the feature!! I love stopping by and talking about beauty, cameras, chocolate, men, and fashion!
xxooxox Next time you need to guest star on my blog baby!