Thursday, August 27, 2009

UNBRIDLED: My favorite wedding friends like...Ryan Joseph!

This week, {as if he needs any formal introduction} I’d like for everyone to get to know Ryan Joseph a bit better. That’s right…the REAL Ryan Joseph.
While I was most definitely aware of Ryan and his impressive repertoire of photography well before I actually met him, I feel I truly got to know this fun spirit last summer during our “Down the Aisle” endeavor at The Ritz Carlton in Denver.

Heavily influenced by the masters of the 30’s and 40’s, Ryan combines today’s digital technology with traditional techniques to create images that are not only contemporary, but timeless as well. Ryan shares a unique boutique studio with his lovely wife, Elena in the historic, Ybor City district.
We had some great laughs and memories as a group, and together, I feel we really got to know one another better.

…and so did all of his screaming “fans” in Denver!
Oh, and Ryan, I remember those Mojitos that you reference below…just take a look at that “adoring” picture! {Touché for flashbacks #2 and #3!!}

•Itching to work with: Lenny Kravitz. Couldn't think of a better portrait subject other than Stoner.

•Fashion Obsessions: Although I only have one, I'd love to have more "ink".

•Beauty must-haves: Short & Sexy hair wax. My hair is neither short nor sexy however.

•Office/Work must haves: FILM!!! I still love this medium. Also, a good scanner.

•Speed dialing: Everyone. Don't ask me for anyone's number from memory. Check the IPhone.

•Can’t get enough of: My Gia and her Mommy

•Jonesing to: Be back in Tuscany with Elena at our favorite "trattoria".

•Current work project: Very top secret

•Current personal project: See above

•Necessary extravagance: Travel and Wine. Not necessarily in that order. If you know me, wine "while" traveling is most necessary. Not a big fan of flying.
•If I weren’t a photographer I would be: A pilot. Yes. That's right. A wine drinking pilot.

•In my bag: Who told you I carry a "man" bag? My wife? It's not a "bag" it’s a "satchel". Big difference.

•Recent discovery: That maybe I do actually carry a bag. Hmmm. No. It's a satchel. End of story!!!

•Craving: To one day own an original Cartier-Bresson photograph.

*Fun, fearless and frivolous flashbacks*

1. Mojito’s in Denver. How many? Not sure. Ask Stoner.

2. Our first lunch together in Orlando. Ian was there. You had this piece large of broccoli in your teeth but I didn't have the nerve to tell you.

3. Your reaction to #2. Just kidding. It wasn't broccoli it was asparagus. Just kidding again. You have very nice dental hygiene.

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