Friday, March 5, 2010

Oscar Party Tips on "The Daily Buzz" with Lisa Konecny and Ian Prosser

As I lightheartedly joked, {reality: I was serious!} The "Oscar Party" held on the evening of the prestigious award show is really OUR "Super Bowl!"

I was delighted with our opportunity yesterday morning to present simple and chic ideas on how to throw your own Oscar Party at home on "The Daily Buzz."

My ideas were for the cozy, intimate PJ party at home with flair and fun. {That's exactly how I intend on spending my Sunday snuggled on the couch with my fingers crossed!} I featured a fun Bingo game found on the fun blog: "How about Orange"

Ian presented chic linen, centerpieces and fun ways to have your own Red-Carper soiree as he has done in the past. Branjelina: watch out!

The Daily Buzz - Oscar Party Tips from Jeffrey Stoner Video on Vimeo.

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