Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Small wedding-BIG details! A darling North Carolina Elopement

You never know where and how you may inspire someone. Becky and Chris Hall reached out shortly after Jeffrey and I were married after seeing our elopement video posted on the wonderful L.A. based blog, Be Inspired.

Already in the process of planning their home-based Chicago wedding something inspired them when they saw our video. {*tear!} They ultimately made a swift decision to elope in the mountains adjacent to their beloved Asheville, North Carolina.

Jeffrey and I were thrilled to be along for the ride in this exhilarating journey for them, and it was a wonderful opportunity to reminisce about our own fun-loving elopement experience! We also met the delightful Mandy Blair Bell on our most romantic, excellent adventure!

What I will sincerely take away from this particular wedding was the loving attention to detail in their ceremony and, of course, stylish details! Becky clearly has an affinity for Paloma's Nest like I do!

Tomorrow: The sweet video Jeffrey produced for this couple to announce their elopement at their "party" upon their return!

*Watermarked Images Courtesy of Mandy Blair Photography*

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