Tuesday, September 27, 2011

"Wedding Showcase Weekend"As Hosted By The Hilton Orlando

This past weekend, I, along with several of my fellow wedding planners and industry partners were the lucky guests of The Hilton Orlando for a Wedding Showcase FAM.

We were easily persuaded to visit with this new {2 years old} property in our area to learn more about it's offerings and, admittedly, for some R & R.

I'm confident I was not alone when I departed with my family from valet on Sunday with my jaw dropped in complete awe of my experience.

Juicy, decadent details and images to follow in a dedicated blog series, but for now, you can catch a glimpse with these fun images I was able to snap when I wasn't ogling over every bit of design or gesture!

Cheers to our host Teresa Bernstein and the entire team at The Hilton Orlando!

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