Friday, October 14, 2011

"Even the Brave Must Rest." A Grateful Tribute to a Radiant Bride, Laura Gillette

Life is good at teaching us lessons... The people we have in our life & the 24 hours we have in each day are precious and should be treated, loved & respected as such.

Unfortunately, sometimes through grief, we are reminded of these lessons. It is with a heavy heart today that I learn of my former bride Laura Grubl-Gillete's acceptance and decision to "peace out," because she is now "on a mission." {Her words}

Working with Laura and her mother Leslie was so much fun! I feel proud to have dubbed Leslie the name "Momma Sparkles," which is a nickname that has become a permanent one for her-- {yay!}

Smart, beautiful, driven, loving, organized, SPUNKY and thoughtful, Laura seemed to always smile from the inside.

For 10 months, MDS tried to define Laura but failed. She faced that as she did her wedding planning, her MBA and everything else in her life: with true grit, determination, great care and humor. She fought a strong fight not only for herself, but for her loving husband, Matt, her parents and brother.

I am forever grateful that I had the great fortune to be included in hers and her family's life for what was the most joyous and celebratory time in her life- her wedding and marriage to Matt.

Thank you, Laura for reminding me of a valuable lesson. I want to be a part of your "mission" and raise awareness for the National Bone Marrow Donor Program. Your life example, personality and virtues are attributes that I will share and teach my own daughters.

Your spirit is one I will forever celebrate and honor... Goodbye, sweet girl.

*Images Courtesy of Damon Tucci*


Brittany Sobering said...

Lisa, this is such a touching tribute to Laura. What a sweet girl she was and I lift up my thoughts and prayers to her family. Unbelievable all that can change in just a few short years, but her joyous and positive outlook is truly an example I won't forget.

Maria Shafer said...

Stories like this always remind me...there are no "do overs" not live your life with the idea that there is some sort of rewind button you can press. I did not know Laura, but I can understand from your post that she walked ahead of the rest. My head and heart bow to such an example.