Thursday, November 3, 2011

Pattern Board for Design & Styling by Amy Atlas

Simply put and in Amy Atlas' own words, this is the bible for patterns/designs--

Thank goodness for her! As a wedding planner / designer, I am {what I would consider} well versed on patterns, colors, textures, etc. My challenge, however, sometimes lies in the articulation of such.

Amy Atlas is well known as "The Sweets Stylist," has a wildly successful business, is highly regarded in the lifestyle entertaining blog-world, an accomplished author and her work is featured in countless magazines and television shows.

Now she's gone and done it! Streamlining these patterns and colors has truly made this a "go-to" tool that I will most certainly share with my clients and colleagues.

Thanks, as always, Amy for all of your "sweet" details!

*Images and Pattern Board are Courtesy and Copyright of Amy Atlas Events*

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