Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Ready to "Pap the Question?"

I recently learned of this incredible service that will, undoubtedly, forever commemorate the moment she or he says that worthwhile, one-word answer: "YES!"

"Pap the Question" uses their years of paparazzi experience and skill and will record your special moment without your partner ever knowing. These savvy photographers capture every nervous and romantic moment!

After in depth correspondence on how the proposal will be planned, they are discretely positioned {paparazzi-style!} nearby to record the proposal and reaction via photography and / or video.

How truly special is that?!

This service is surprisingly affordable, and I believe it will make any proposal {regardless of how grand} the absolute PERFECT proposal.

Need proposal advice? I'll plan the details, and then get you in touch with "Pap the Question!"

*All Images Courtesy of Pap The Question"


jensey said...

Proposals are my most favorite thing to shoot! We've been lucky enough to capture two so far. :)

Nathan & Jensey Root said...

Make that three if you include the random one we stumbled across in Paris! :)