Monday, January 9, 2012

Noteworthy Wedding Vendors- Garrett Nudd !

I've made wonderful connections and acquaintances by way of wedding industry colleagues along the course of this marvelous career of mine from all over the world and country.

Every now and then, I'll listen reeeeeeeaalllllly close to that inner voice in my head when I feel like something or, in this case, someone is just different. I remain grateful that I took heed and listened to that voice 5 years ago when I {almost didn't!} met Garrett Nudd. Now, I get to rock weddings out with a phenomenal photographer that is a close and dear friend and have gained an extended family to make my fortunate situation almost surreal.

After our first {seriously, almost didn't happen!} "introduction," our first friend date was in my office with his delightful and lovable wife, Joy and their adorable baby, Graycen. To my extreme pleasure, they've added to this deliriously happy brood with sweet, you-can-just-take-a-bite-out-of-her-cheeks Campbell ...

If I have the pleasure to speak with you, please ask me about the day I met Garrett. It's a good story, and I'm so glad it's ours to tell-

In a nutshell-- Garrett Nudd!

Itching to work with: I'm blessed to work side by side with my lovely and talented wife Joy. It works so well for us and it makes our life together significantly more rewarding. There's honestly no one else that I'd rather work with day in and day out. Otherwise, if I were to interpret the question as who would I like to photograph.... lately I've really been itching to do some portraits of various current pop-culture influencers. Adam Levine of Maroon 5 has rushed back into the spotlight with The Voice, colorful British golfer and fashion designer Ian Poulter, tv personality Jimmy Fallon, film stars Kera Knightly and Anne Hathaway, more singers/musicians than I have room to list but at the top would be Phil Collins and Jon Bon Jovi (not necessarily together). And last but not least, do I dare admit that I think I'd enjoy photographing the cast of the ridiculously overly popular Twilight saga? Not because I'm a raging fan like many others that I know, but it's just that they all seem to be so genuinely nice. ;-)

Fashion obsessions: I love shoes, which a lot of people who know me already know. And I'm also really fond of belts. When I'm traveling I usually pack a different belt for each outfit.

Beauty must-haves: well that's fairly glue, of course.

Office/Work must haves: a generous bounty of dark chocolate and peanuts. When your office supply list consists of more food than paper/ink/pens/tape/staples, etc., you know you're in trouble.

Speed dialing: Joy, my parents, my in-laws and Paco's Mexican restaurant in Winter Park, FL for take-out.

Can't get enough of: Just about anything from Trader Joe's.

Jonesing to: Return to Europe and spend all afternoon sitting at a sidewalk cafe just watching people while sipping an over-priced European soda.

Current work project: remodeling our studio & boutique in Chattanooga. It's a never-ending labor of love.

Current personal project: positioning our family to be in the running for our neighborhood Yard of the Month... just kidding! Let's see, something that's actually attainable.... To be honest, my current personal project is trying to teach myself to intentionally seek out ways to make a difference. I was at lunch with a friend years ago when I worked in corporate communications and he commented, "look at all of these people hurrying around on their lunch break. Every one of them thinks their job is the most important job in the world." It's easy to become self-absorbed, especially when we're busy, but it's important to take time and observe others.

Necessary extravagance: I'm pretty simple. My only consistent upgrade is paying an additional $1.79 to add guacamole to my tacos at Chipotle.

If I weren't a photographer I would be: a magazine editor or a college professor teaching writing, public relations and photography. Each year I spend two weeks teaching a photography intensive at my alma matter and it's something I eagerly anticipate every year. I love watching light bulbs turn on in people's heads.

In my bag: In my Think Tank camera bag I have a mix of both Nikon and Canon camera gear. It's a hot complicated mess in there. Plus, it makes wedding guests think I'm really really good. I can't figure it out, but camera brands (like computers: mac vs. pc) are so polarizing for lots of people, as if you shoot one brand and I shoot another, than I'm superior to you. Blah, whatever. So if an ammeter photographer wedding guest approaches me with their camera and asks me what I'm shooting, I tell them Nikon and Canon and usually they raise their eyebrows giving me enough time to sneak away and get back to work. In my golf bag I have Calloway irons, a Taylor Made driver, and my putter is a classic old Wilson 8802 that I've used since I was in high school.

Recent discovery: I thought that having a child in kindergarden would automatically generate lots of free time with her being away for 8 hours a day, but all of a sudden it makes life for our family really busy. Joy is an amazing mom and she juggles everything so gracefully. We both help out by volunteering in the classroom as often as time permits.

Craving: Pacos in Winter Park, Paxia in College Park, No Mas in Atlanta. Yes, they're all Mexican restaurants.

Fun, fearless and frivolous flashbacks

There are quite simply too many to list, but my four favorites (in no particular order) are:

1. Doing the giant inflatable slip-n-slide at the Ritz Carlton Amelia Island with Joy, you, Jeffrey, Jessy and Bligh
2. You and Jeffrey surprising us at our Cobblestone Rue grand opening in Chattanooga
3. Celebrating with you and Jeffrey at your post-wedding shindig in Winter Park
4. The never-ending vendor dinner at Ritz Carlton Grand Cayman thanks to the imaginations of Jessy Rivers and Joy Nudd and the generous hospitality budget of Tami Corday.


Joy Nudd said...

It was so much fun reading this! What a great series and interview. Gotta love that guy.

Nathan said...

I love that we've had the honor of simply knowing the Nudds. So much respect and appreciation for their work, outlook and ethic! Glad I read this! :)