Tuesday, January 31, 2012

This Week I'm Loving ...Vintage Accessories from Cultural Intrigue!

Still reveling in all of the inspiration and products I experienced last week at The Special Event Conference, I keep referring to a few pictures I snapped and found online while visiting the Cultural Intrigue booth.

The variety and versatility of their inventory is positively exhilarating. I tend to shy away from labeling or "theming" a wedding or event but, rather, consider there to be a style or story that can be told with accessories.

Though some products may be identified as "vintage," it doesn't mean your celebration has to be entirely doused in it. Small touches can be romantic and sophisticated and I love the versatility that this entire product line offers.

From paper lanterns, to votive holders, LED lighting, glass bottle vases, pillows and even purses and jewelry, Cultural Intrigue makes shopping and event styling easier than ever.

Pssst ...you can order retail too, and you don't have to be an event industry professional to order wholesale. What's more chic than that?


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