Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Real Weddings- Childhood Sweethearts & Destined to Be Together

This past weekend, I had the greatest fortune and honor to experience one of the most touching love stories formally unfold before me.. Patti Rego and Daniel Chapman were seemingly destined to be together forever. With a long, beautiful story of their parents befriending each other in Spain through their college years, only to maintain and nourish a friendship and bond between the families that would see them through their respective marriages, children, families and the like. In my career, I cannot recall feeling so inherently moved by such circumstances,not only because they merely exist as facts, but because everything {and I mean everything}was so incredibly authentic. I am still on my "warm fuzzy-high!" and cannot wait to see formal images and video from my perfectly picked photographer and videographer, Garrett Nudd and Jeffrey Stoner. I wish you all a love like Patti and Danny's ... xoxo

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