Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Noteworthy Wedding Vendors...Amy Morelli!

My extraordinary job as a wedding planner has afforded me so many rewards, but none more important than the relationships that evolve between my clients and my vendors. {Or, "friendors" as my wedding friends would say!}

With more and more of our beautiful couples planning their wedding from out of area or state, sometimes a face-to-face meeting is not always possible. And, even when they are, of course, the professional basics are {and should be!} covered.

Don't you want to know more?? Yeah, me too ... !

AMY MORELLI- Onwner, The 2u Collection

Itching to work with: I am itching to work with Jeffrey Stoner on something. I’ve know and respected his works for years, but because I am not a “day of” vendor, we have really never “technically worked together. I’ve been trying to cook up a project forever so we can work together, but video and stationery don’t seem to pair well. But never fear, I now how something in the "hoper", that I am hoping will work out so that we can finally fulfill this itch!
Fashion Obsessions: A different pair of sunglasses for everyday.. Believe it or not for some strange reason I love sunglasses as much as I love paper!
Beauty must-haves: an amazing hair stylist.. Mine is fab!! and I am lucky she can always keep me happy.. I get bored easily and really want to change my hair monthly.. She has yet to disappoint
Office/Work must haves: Colored Felt Tip Fine Point Pens…Love them, Makes boring admin tasks vibrant and bright! I love me some good color coding!
Speed dialing: Abby Liga, photographer and bestie.. And my mom..
• Can’t get enough of: cheese.. I LOVE cheese and would eat it at every meal if I could.
Jonesing to: Close this Big Secret Project I mentioned below. I am confident, but nothing is better than having a signature on the line, so I can move forward into conception and design stage!! which of course is my favorite part!
Current work project: a Big Secret Project in the Works-- and Beautiful Silk Pewter Hardbound book invites with letterpress and crystals!! Love Love Love letterpress!
Current personal project: putting my library of 400 DVDs on hard drives so they are electronic and I can dive into Apple TV
Necessary extravagance: I said it before, I’ll say it again. My IPHONE, and anything Mac.. They all make my job easier, so sadly, I would pay any price. (LOL which is I’m sure what apple counts on!)
If I weren’t {a designer and business woman extraordinaire} I would: Lead camping/adventure expeditions. There is a hippie deep inside of me. I would miss all my girly things, but deep inside there is a bit of a country outdoorsy girl! Also if it didn’t break my heart so much I would open an animal rescue shelter. Someone needs to speak for them..
In my bag: I’ve decided this year that less is more, so believe it or not I only have my wallet, phone, some lip gloss and a mini kleenex in my purse.. And of course as always bits of paper scraps that I collect because I’m obsessed with paper.
Recent discovery: PAPER RINGS.. check out today’s blog post at you’ll see why I’m in love.. Amazing Feats with Paper fascinate me
Craving: lately I have been craving guac.. Which I learned how to make from you!!

*Fun, fearless and frivolous flashbacks*

This past March, when I hear the news of your recent wedding to Mr. Stoner.. It was hilarious, because it was a secret, we were at an event, you whispered the news in my ear. I was surprised and shocked (in a good way) to say the least, and wanted to hear all about it, but then you said.. SHHHH.. it’s still a secret, don’t tell anyone. Then at that time, some fellow vendors walked up to see what we were so hush hush about and I could say nothing.. I was busting at the seams to the point that I jumped in the car, called Abby Liga to discuss (she already knew, so was one of the only ones I COULD discuss the secret with!!)

The all nighters I was pulling to make the Stults wedding stationery! I normally don’t have deadline problems, but since the bride came to me with elaborate requests 20 days.. YES 20 days before her wedding.. It was a challenge. You were fabulous dropping by the studio to pick up and deliver things, as I was seriously working non-stop for 20 days and nights to pull it off!! Your support is always appreciated and usually helps gets me through, both personally and professionally!
Shopping at Sams Club and the trophy store with you and Miss Liga for the Kickball party.. Was an adventure and as always-- laughter and silliness was everywhere!!

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