Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Noteworthy Wedding Vendors- Jeffrey Stoner !

So, you KNOW this one was coming, didn't you??

I have actually made a conscious effort to not feature my handsome and talented husband and videographer right off the bat with this Q & A series, but some of his "fans" were relentless!

Turns out many of you love him {almost!} as much as I do ...It really is so easy. {Just look at those eyes!}

Here you go, the wildly amusing Jeffrey Stoner!

·Itching to work with: Honestly, anyone with a positive attitude who takes joy in their work. It doesn't matter if they are new to the industry or long-time friends, I love the positive energy and fun it creates.

·Fashion Obsessions: Left to my own devices, I'm a worn-out jeans, t-shirt, and Converse kinda' guy. Not that I can't appreciate a well-manicured look as well.

·Beauty must-haves: My purrty wife on my arm. That always makes me look better.

·Office/Work must haves: Great headphones (Skullcandy and Dr. Dre Beats are excellent), a late-afternoon power nap, a steady flow of morning coffee.

·Speed dialing: What's speed dial ?

·Can’t get enough of: The new Butch Walker & The Black Widows album.

·Jonesing to: Visit Greece. Wanna' go?

·Current work project: Finalizing Vicky & Danny's Ritz Carlton wedding, a web project for Kristy Chenell, and brainstorming a fun promotion for my own biz.

·Current personal project: Tending to middle-age with proper diligence with a daily 3-mile walk and eating healthier! I've dropped nearly 10 pounds since in the last 6 weeks since seeing a particularly unflattering photo of myself.

·Necessary extravagance: iPod. I don't go anywhere without it.

·If I weren’t a videographer I would: Like to do something with animals. Is there a job where you can get paid to pet dogs all day? No?

·Recent discovery: A band called The Postelles.

·Craving: More sweets than I currently allow myself to have (and that's the case no matter how much I have)

*Fun, fearless and frivolous flashbacks*

Since we started out as friends, I'll list a few from then:

1) I recall the first day we had a "get to know ya" lunch. You were very engaging and asked lots of questions about me and my business. I appreciate when someone new does their share of the heavy-lifting in those situations, and you did.

2) Your nervous moments before Down The Aisle premiered in Denver. You were a bit quiet, and the room was all set up and ready. I walked up to you, put my arm around your shoulder and proudly said "look what you did".

3) Buying you a Christmas ornament – a small tree with shoes hanging from the branches. And no, we can not decorate the tree that way this year!

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DIANE said...

Will not ignore any opportunity to say how much we love and respect this man and his work. Looking forward to our future project of joy!